AENEC BASIX Residential Properties

Australia's #1 trusted source for energy efficiency consulting since 2010.

NatHERS & BASIX Certificates for both residential and commercial properties.

Australian Enterprise Award Winner 2022

BASIX & NatHERS Certificates

AENEC, is an Australian company servicing the building sustainability industry and BCA compliance since 2010. In addition to serving a variety of clients, including small architectural firms, builders, and larger architectural firms, we also work with prime building developer companies.

We undertake the whole process of BASIX certification; including preliminary design advice when required, full calculations for thermal comfort requirements using the latest software packages and techniques available, we provide expert advice for the right combinations in order to achieve BASIX and NatHERS compliance. So far we have a 100% success rate in terms of council submissions.

In order to obtain your BASIX Certificate, you must meet minimum performance standards by using the most economical materials and components in terms of thermal performance. When needed, we will recommend adjustments of materials / components in order to achieve the desirable results for you.

AENEC will provide you the best available advice for BASIX commitments as well as NatHERS and will optimize the design of your new dream home, by using the latest available engineering techniques and industry standards. At AENEC we understand that the commitments on BASIX certifications can be costly, so we will act on your behalf in order to achieve optimum results.


The quality of consultation is guaranteed and you will receive the best value for you hard earned money. Building costs will be kept to minimum requirements, maximum performance or anything in between. 

To provide you with all of the above we incorporate the latest developments in the building industry through membership, accreditation and CPD programs. We are fully insured for a complete piece of mind.

​“AENEC is passionate about the environment and the reason for its foundation was this. What we really thrive on, is to provide the best possible service for your project in regards to the energy efficient design and technologies without compromising the overall design and the project’s budget.”