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The best price and service, guaranteed!

​Ask for fee proposal which corresponds to your specific project. Go to the Contact Us page and upload the file of your project.

“AENEC is passionate about the environment and the reason for its foundation was this. What we really thrive on, is to provide the best possible service for your project in regards to the energy efficient design and technologies without compromising the overall design and the project’s budget.”


Dimitris, founder and CEO.

Why use AENEC?

Quality Guaranteed

Very Fast Turn Around Times

Long Industry Experience

Excellent Service

AENEC (Australian Energy Efficiency Consulting) is an Australian owned company servicing the building sustainability industry and BCA compliance since 2009.

Our very varied clients range from small architectural firms, small to large building companies to larger architectural firms and prime building developer companies all the way to one off owner builders.


We pride ourselves in using state of the art technology and engineering techniques and our 100% success rate in terms of council submissions.


We believe in the importance of providing high quality assessments and recommendations to ensure your projects are done the best way possible.


We aim to make developments meet the minimum performance standards by using the most economical in terms of thermal performance materials / components based on the design parameters. When needed, we will recommend adjustments of materials / components in order to achieve the desirable results, for the respective project.

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