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Build / Renovate for increased Sustainability - Part 1

We live in an environment that hardly one aspect of a decision has effect only on this aspect and no other aspects at the same time. It is more than a case whether the egg or the chicken came first. What do I mean with that?


This part can either create or save you from a lot of trouble, money during construction and money during the life cycle of your project.

Planning is probably the hardest thing to do. You also need to find the right team to work with and in my view this is the pivotal part in any project.

Design considerations

Before a design is made you need to consider what you really need. There are some key aspects that need to be considered. Depending on the nature of the project sometimes all of these parameters can be assessed and adjusted accordingly and in other cases only a few due to various constraints, especially when an extension is built. There are 10 Key parameters and today Orientation will be discussed. At later blogs, the other aspects will be discussed.

Orientation of certain rooms of the house or configuration of the dwelling

The most efficient building in terms of energy efficiency is a square shaped one. This shape allows for the minimum length of external walls for any given size of building. The more the building becomes long and narrow, the worse it performs.

This condition is exaggerated when the long side of the building faces South as in winter this type of building suffers from heat losses.

Certain rooms are best located in the North and others in the South.

Orientation options are best discussed and determined with your BASIX / NatHERS / HSTAR sustainability consultant.

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