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The 99


The 99 is a concise eagle's eye

point-of-view of the current

state of affairs in terms  of politics,

environment, money, health, food and so many important facets

of our daily livesebooks


This e-book is the perfect gift for anyone!

THE 99 book in our BASIX - NATHERS page


The99 will challenge you to think about the state of our world ­– socially, economically and environmentally and in fact will challenge you to rethink about so many aspects that you currently perceive as normal. In fact, it demonstrates that these three key factors are intimately connected. But much more than that.


The 99 encourages readers to envision a better world and, through their own actions, help to bring about much-needed change. - Sharon Moore (editor of The 99)


The book presents one man’s philosophy on life, while at the same time exposing and analysing the dysfunction that has developed at many levels in modern western society. At its heart is a key understanding: that the way we live is based on a misguided belief that the earth has infinite resources there for our taking. Central to the book’s message is its analysis of our economic-growth-at-any-cost way of life and the dominance of mega-corporations, to the detriment of our health and well-being and that of the very earth, air and water we depend on.


The insights the author gained while growing up in Greece enable him to clearly see the contrasts between that simpler way of life, not all that long ago, and the unnecessary complexity of today’s modern lifestyle, especially in cities, where most of us live. By touring through many aspects of our society, culture and governance the book encourages readers to think about the connections between our actions and decisions, their consequences, and the wider economic and governmental context in which our lives are embedded.


After fourteen chapters of analysis and passionate argument, the penultimate chapter presents 99 choices, or perhaps challenges. In three sections – visionary, personal level solutions, and systemic rule-based changes – the 99 points aim to embolden people to take control of their lives, to be part of the change that must happen, for the future of our species and our planet.



The chaotic randomness of this world is absolutely marvellous; so much so,that it defies all logic and efforts to master it '- Dimitri Harakidas.


‘Our scientific power has outrun our spiritual power. We have guided missiles and misguided men.’ – Martin Luther King, Jr.


'Just like grass seeds don't wait around for the others to pop out of the ground,so we, humanity-everybody should take personal action right now

and the field is sure to green up, in no time at all!' - Dimitri Harakidas

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